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New Website Online

New Website Online

Post Series: General News
  • 1.New Website Online

Are you as excited as we are?

The team here (John, Jan & Down to Earth Designs) have just launched an all new website for Windrush Wines & Cafe. What this is going to mean longer term is that there will be more frequent updates, news, products added and more.

It is going to get better and better as we add more information, feedback, photos and testimonials so that our website becomes more than just about us, but also about the experiences and feedback of our amazing customers.

In coming months we will be adding:

  • Customer Photos to our Photo Gallery
  • Customer Testimonials on different products
  • Ideas for pairing our wines with recipes that you could enjoy from our menu
  • Events from the local community (to help do our bit and keep things informed)

and more …

The benefit we have is that we have been shown how to update this website ourselves, and how to “be creative” so that we can change the look as we please to bring our true brand to our customers.


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